An evolving list that guides my work...

//Design ethically
Don’t addict, game, shame, commodify, or manipulate the users of a product.

//Tribe by design
Humans thrive together, we’re programmed to need each other. When building, prioritize togetherness over solitary use.

//Place is important
Online spaces should never supersede a room, a hall, a bar, a dance floor, a party, an office.

//Waste is a design flaw
Make things that reduce waste. Be thoughtful with resources, a product’s lifecycle and impact.

//Lead with why, follow with why not
Don’t jump to conclusions or solutions. Keep the mind open, probe and experiment with ideas.

//Without creative work, the heart dies
There is no such thing as work/life balance. Choose work that feels like play, every hour will be bliss.

//Creativity needs novelty and quiet
Seek new physical perspective regularly, enforce periods of nothingness.

//Zoom out
See products in the greater context of the world and time. What will this product mean for society in 5 years time, 10 years time, 100 years time?

//Smaller, better
Optimize for health, not scale. Curate, focus, avoid excessive distractions and decisions.

//Get out
Build things that helps us get out of our homes and heads.

//Choose positivity
Lead into every interaction with energy and positivity.